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With the unemployment rate sky-rocketing, many people are left in the unfortunate, but realistic situation, of choosing between feeding their animals and taking care of themselves. Due to this situation, many animals are being surrendered every day to animal shelters because their owners are unable to care for them. Many of these animals are unable to find a suitable home and are sadly euthanized. On average, 7 million animals are brought into animal shelters every year. The sad reality is that only 4 million will find loving families to adopt them. The Prince Chunk Foundation wants to ensure that bringing an innocent companion to an animal shelter is a last resort.

The Pet Food Assistance program provides financially struggling pet owners with three months’ supply of pet food during times of financial hardship to alleviate the stress of paying for pet food during a time of financial crisis.

Any pet owners who seek this assistance are encouraged to complete an application which can be found below. Please be sure to check our “Maximum Family Income Eligibility” Document to ensure you qualify.

Please note that the processing time for these requests can take up to 2 weeks.


Please return your completed application,
along with any required attachments, to:

Prince Chunk Foundation, Inc.
“Pet Food Assistance Program”
P.O. Box 8044
Blackwood, NJ 08012-1522

If you have any questions regarding our
Pet Food Assistance Program, please contact
us on 856-302-6373 or e-mail us

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